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Memorial or Pep Rally?

Posted in life, news, Politics by alangustin on January 13, 2011

Very odd…

Is this the most welcomed diversion that America could have hoped for? That question may offend some. It may well be that America needs a diversion, but not at the expense of lost lives. Right?

It may well be that the shootings in Tucson have provided our President with just the right diversion at just the right time. It is extremely interesting to watch the Tucson Memorial Service that was re-broadcast over and over again on Wednesday night and into the early hours of Thursday morning.

The event seems to have been ultra-organized… super-planned… choreographed by some higher power that writes immaculate speeches. How in the world were all those people able to attend this event if not for some divine orchestration? Why… it seems that even God Himself showed up at the event. How else could such an outpouring of scripture emanate from the likes of Eric Holder, Janet Napolitano, and Barak Hussein Obama himself? Surely the Spirit of God was hovering over that gathering.

Such a sarcastic view might otherwise be dismissed as partisan grumbling, but this time the hidden cannot help but come out from behind the facade. One expected to see a glimpse of a stage-hand holding up an ‘applause’ sign to the audience. And applause there was. It was so out of place for a memorial service, that it created an atmosphere of political convention. One might easily swap venues and imagine thousands of people in the crowd holding signs displaying the slogan, “Obama: Four More Years!”

Many of us are trying really hard to give Obama the benefit of the doubt. The display of concern and compassion was truly comforting, if one can overlook the weird feel of the event. It seemed like overkill. It seemed like opportunistic, cashing-in.

Again, sarcasm may be clouding reality. H-m-m-m?

It seems that the country has found something to rally around… namely, the squashing of harsh, partisan rhetoric. The shootings in Tucson, were made worse by the fact that a congresswoman was critically wounded, and a nine-year-old girl and federal judge was killed. This tradgedy seems to have released an outpouring of concern across America, the likes of which haven’t been seen since 9/11. If it weren’t for the Rahm Emanuel statement, “You never let a serious crisis go to waste”, many who are, wouldn’t be suspicious of the Obama administration’s motives for giving the Tucson event such attention. But as horrible as the Tucson shootings were, it was a minor event compared to the devastation of the 9/11 event, in which nearly three thousand people lost their lives.

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