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Feeling Sorry for Obama

Posted in Politics by alangustin on August 31, 2011

Ever have one of those days?  You know, a day that starts off with the coffee maker overflowing because you put too much water in it, and now you’re going to be late for work because you have to mop up the floor and the kitchen counter.  Then when you’re finally ready to leave, you can’t find your keys and now you’re really going to be late for that breakfast meeting with the boss.  Then you find your keys, but your car isn’t where you thought it was.  Now you have to try to remember where you parked the car, and your headache is coming back and you wish you could just go back to bed.

And that’s just the start… it gets worse. You would feel sorry for someone having a day such as that, right?  Even if you didn’t really know or care about that person? 

President Obama seems to be having a whole presidency like that, and I’m actually starting to feel sorry for him. 

He is obviously surrounded by total idiots. And he appears to be listening to these ‘advisors’ who, time and time again, seem to be purposefully screwing him into the ground.  The latest of these “botched jobs” is the idea that Obama should present a speech about job creation during a special joint session of congress on the same night as a  scheduled debate among the Republican presidential candidates.

From the L.A. Times:

Obama asked to schedule a rare joint session of Congress for a prime-time address about jobs the Wednesday after Labor Day. In a rare, if not unprecedented, rebuff in modern times, Boehner (R-Ohio) rejected the president’s request and recommended the following night.

A speech next Wednesday, in which Obama wanted to unveil his plan to improve the U.S. jobs picture, would have upstaged a televised debate among Republican presidential candidates at the same time, which the White House said was a coincidence.

You see, I don’t believe it was a coincidence, nor do many others following this story.  I personally believe that this latest embarrassment to the president was a direct result of Obama listening to someone who thought presenting the speech during the Republican debate would be ‘very clever’.  And the sad part is, Obama wasn’t smart enough to anticipate the repercussions this stupid plan would bring.

As I understand it, Obama didn’t call Speaker Boehner to discuss the session.  Obama decided to just announce the chosen ‘clever’ date, and in a rare display by Boehner of actually having a pair of balls, the ‘request’ was rejected by Boehner.  Now, instead of Obama competing with the Republican debate, he’ll have to compete with the NFL’s season opener between the Green Bay Packers and the New Orleans Saints.  Wow… good job, Obama team.

It reminds me of the embarrassing ‘botched job’ meeting with Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu back in May.  Somebody on Obama’s advisory team put him up to that one, too.  I guarantee it.  How long is it gonna be before Obama wises up and gets rid of that bunch of clowns that are ruining his image?  Personally, I hope he never does.  They just keep hammering nail after nail into the coffin of the Obama re-election.

Of course, the Obama team may have anticipated Boehner’s move and thought this might be an opportunity to hang yet another “uncooperative” sign on the GOP, but Boehner would be wise to reply to that accusation by saying that it wouldn’t be fair to the American people to use a joint session of Congress to deliver a campaign speech, while robbing the people of a chance to participate in the political process by missing the Republican debate. 

Political tactics by this president seem to be backfiring on him left and right.  The recent news that Solyndra, a solar company that the Obama administration loaned 535 million taxpayer dollars to as part of the 2009 stimulus plan filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy is yet another embarrassing event.  The Solyndra debacle however, hits the taxpayers right in the pocket and will be considered a far more important failure than this little ‘jobs speech’ faux pas.  I’ll be interested to see the total list of Obama’s failed policies come November, 2012.

I do actually feel sorry for the guy.  But I think he is learning a very hard lesson:  You can’t lead the most powerful nation in the world relying on image alone.

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